There is no shortage of information about dads and birth. Of course, most of the information is about how dads can support their partners. There are lots of blog posts about how to time contractions, count during pushing, verbally encourage, be an advocate, take pictures and cut the cord.

While these are all really great things to learn about and prepare for, their main focus is on the mother and how she can be supported. Now don’t get me wrong, the mother needs to be supported. I’m a doula after all – that is my focus as well.

But I don’t want the dads or partners to be forgotten.

They are going through an emotional experience as well. Yes, it is not as physically demanding as the mothers (haha), but it can be as emotionally challenging. On the baby’s birthday, not only are mothers born, but fathers are born as well.

That’s why a doula is such a valuable asset to the birth team.

She is there to support the mother first and foremost, but she is also able to support her partner. She will be there to make sure that he gets something to eat and drink, that he has a chance to sit and relax when needed, and that he has space to process his feelings. This all helps him to be in better condition to support the mother.

A doula and the mother’s partner make a great team to support her during birth!

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