I have a particular passion for the postpartum period. I remember coming home with my first-born and sitting in the rocking chair thinking, “Now what?” I remember having the questions of

when do I put him down,

is it time to feed him,

when do I change his clothes,

do I even need to change his clothes

just to name a few. I thought I had a lot of questions about the birth

I had no idea how many questions I would have those first few weeks

When I first decided to become a doula, I had not heard of a postpartum doula before. I knew what a labor doula was, but it wasn’t until I thought back to my own births that I realized how much women and their families could benefit from a postpartum doula.

I recently read a blog post by Randy Patterson about the postpartum visit (which usually fulfills the labor doula contract) and the doula’s role during this visit. I thought she did an amazing job of describing what that visit should look like. You can read about that here.

What she describes is also a glimpse into what hiring a postpartum doula can look like. Being trained as both a labor and postpartum doula gives me the skills to be able to continue to support the family beyond their birth.

Whether you had a labor doula or not, a postpartum doula can help you process your birth experience and support you and your family as you welcome your new little one.

Give me a call and find out how I can support you today!

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