A Birth Doula supports you through your pregnancy, birthing time, and early postpartum period.

  • Gives non biased support to you in your birth choices
  • Helps you create a birth plan catered to your preferences
  • Provides physical and emotional support throughout your birth helping you create a positive experience
  • Supports your partner so they can support you

Every pregnancy comes with questions and I’ll be here to help you find the answers you need. Every birth is unique, and I will be there to support you in your decisions to help give you a positive birth experience.

We will start with prenatal visits where we will go over your wishes for your birth. I will answer questions you may have and we will develop a plan for when it’s time to meet your baby.

When your birthing time begins, we’ll be in touch so you know when to head to the hospital or settle in at home. When you’re ready, I’ll meet you and will be there to give you the physical support you need to be as comfortable as possible. I’ll be by your side providing you reassuring and encouraging support. I’ll be there to give your partner a break to make sure that they are also taking care of themselves so they can support you too.

After your baby is born, I’ll be there to make sure you get settled. Then I’ll quietly head out so you and your partner can enjoy the time together with your new little one. We’ll meet one more time, to make sure that you have a good start with feeding, to make sure your healing is going well, and to answer any questions you might have.

Know that during your birthing time, I will be there providing unique support to fit your particular birth. I’m so excited to meet you and your new baby!

Pregnancy & Birth support includes 2 prenatal appointments, birth support, and a postpartum visit. Please reach out for details. Packages & Pricing