I first heard this term during my doula training with ProDoula. I instantly thought it was a beautiful way to describe what we were learning to do.

I came across a good article about what it means to hold space for another person. As I read it, I thought about times that I had held space for my children, for my friends and my family. And I thought about all the people in my life who have held space for me. I have also received other kids of support (physical, monetary, etc) but none as important as when space was held for me. In those moments I was allowed to be myself and feel what I needed to feel, make my own decisions and have my own experience.

As a doula I now have the privilege to hold space for women and their partners as they have the experience of bringing their child into the world. I have the opportunity to hold space for them in their homes as they trust their instincts and lean into each other as they start the journey of parenting a new little one.

Holding space is a great way to describe what doulas do.

One thought on “Holding Space

  1. Thanks, Julie. I love this term, “holding space.” What a great visual image when it comes to knowing when to step back at the right time in any situation. It’s wisdom in action. It’s an empowering vote of confidence. It’s giving someone freedom to fly while you stand by cheering them on! 😊


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