Recently this question was posed:

use one word to describe what your clients get when they hire you

Of course, there are many words I could choose, but the first one that came to mind was


As a doula, this support takes many forms. You can read about what that support looks like during labor and postpartum by checking out those pages on my website.

But why is support so important?

While there have been studies that show the continuous model of support has all kinds of benefits, those speak to populations and not individuals. Therefore, it’s not really fair to say that you will have less chance of this or decreased risk of that – every single birth is unique and there is no way to predict what any particular outcome will be.

In other words, having a doula does not guarantee anything.

Except that you will be supported.

You will not go through the experience alone. You will have someone there with knowledge about birth to help you make decisions – and then support those decisions. You will have someone there to support you and your partner physically – an extra set of hands. You will have someone there to support you emotionally and help you focus during the most intense moments in labor – when you start to doubt yourself and think you won’t make it through. You’ll have someone there if things don’t go according to plan to support you – with NO judgement – as you work through the emotions that come with those changes.

While most of us believe that we can handle tough things in life, I think we would all agree that having someone by our side makes handling things that much easier. We are creatures who thrive in community. We have partners that we parent with, friends that we laugh and cry with, colleagues that we work with – we weren’t meant to tackle life alone.

You and your partner have it in yourselves to make it through labor and postpartum. A doula at your side gives you the support you need to shine!

Contact me and we can talk more!

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