I recently heard a pastor give a talk about uncharted waters and some tools we could have to help get us through those tough times. I was inspired to think about this from the perspective of pregnancy and parenting since those days are indeed uncharted.

Being in the sea in an unknown area, can be very nerve racking. There are unknown depths, no land marks or reference points, and no map. You have know idea what lies ahead or below. Sounds a lot like being pregnant and raising a child. Even if this is not your first, there is still an unlimited amount of uncharted territory ahead.

Sometimes things can seems so bad, that you wonder to yourself,

“how do people survive this?”

Here’s some ideas that might help:

Find a Promise to Hold On To

  • Maybe the promise you hold on to is that “this too shall pass” or maybe it’s that “you are not alone.” Whatever it is, make it your mantra. Hold on to that promise like your life depends on it!

Get the Facts

  • While it can seem like you will be pregnant and uncomfortable forever, or your child will never stop crying or will never go to sleep, the fact is that all of these things come to an end. Do not imagine the worst case scenario and do not become a victim of the current situation. Arm yourself with information to empower yourself. You’ll quickly gain the confidence you need to get through the unknown.

Take Care of Yourself

  • This may seem simple and not that important (and down right impossible sometimes) but you need to eat, drink and sleep. These are non-negotiable if you want to navigate the uncharted waters. Make this a priority and get the help you need to put yourself first. Maybe even find a minute or two for an activity that recharges you emotionally. Taking care of yourself is the first step in taking care of your baby.

Keep Swimming

  • Sometimes the boat is wrecked in the uncharted waters and you’ve got to swim. It may sometimes seem like you will never get to shore. When that happens, just keep swimming. Keep getting up, keep trying something, keep moving forward in whatever way you can. Some days this will look amazing, and other days it will be simply getting out of bed. However small, do what you can.

Remember, you will get through this. You will learn skills and gain wisdom. You will be stronger. You will be a part of the community that made it through, and you will have written the map. You will look behind you and see others in their own uncharted waters, and you will be able to help them find their way.

One thought on “Uncharted Waters

  1. Love this perspective, Julie. It speaks to the many ‘uncharted waters’ of parenting that I can confirm are not just limited to raising small children. Parents of all ages face many ‘firsts’ with their offspring as they travel through their teen years and into adulthood. Each ‘first thing’ is uncharted until they’ve had time to pass through it. As you point out in your post, it is a blessing to have a wise and patient friend who can come alongside and pour grace and courage into the uncertainty of the ‘first timer’. So appreciate your insight.

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