While every pregnancy is unique, there are a lot of common things that you’ll experience. It’s important to know your body and to be aware when things are new, severe, and persistent.

Bleeding — Anything more than spotting warrants a call to your health care provider.

Vision, Weight, Skin — Blurry vision, rapid weight gain or itchy skin can all be signs of something serious.

Water Breaking — If your water breaks, it’s always a good idea to give your provider a call. It’s especially important if this happens before 37 weeks, has a dark green color or foul odor.

Abdominal or Back Pain — Mild discomfort can be normal, but severe and persistent pain may not be.

Fever — It’s common to have times when you feel hot or cold, but if a fever lasts longer than 24-36 hours call your provider.

Don’t focus too much on these red flags, but also don’t hesitate to reach out to your provider if you have any concerns.

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