EFP3 Front CoverThere is a lot of focus put on nutrition when you decide you’d like to have a baby. Maybe you’re in the planning phase or you just found out you’re pregnant, but either way your view point toward the food you eat has likely changed.

It can be a bit overwhelming as you think about not only your nutritional needs but those of your unborn baby. You are truly “eating for two” and you may not know where to go for answers to the many questions you have.

Eating for Pregnancy is a resource that can help.

This book is incredibly easy to digest (pun intended!) It is well laid out starting with the nutritional needs of a pregnant person, suggestions for common pregnancy annoyances, and ways to handle nutrition when there are special circumstances like pregnancy over 35 or with multiples. The authors answer several questions about gestational diabetes and also include exercise guidelines. The first section really is a complete outline of nutrition during pregnancy.

Then the book turns very practical! It has month-by-month sections which include details about your baby’s growth and needs, changes you’re going through, and some of the best foods to eat during that month. Each month contains a dozen or so recipes with complete information on how to make them, nutritional content, and tips for diabetes. There are many gluten-free, dairy-free, and low-carb recipes included as well. I love that they also highlight the postpartum period and the part nutrition plays in your recovery!

The back has excellent indexes to help you easily find nutrition sources (foods that are good sources of protein, folate, fiber, etc.) plus sample menus, including ones for vegetarian and vegan pregnancies.

Eating for Pregnancy is a complete guide to the nutritional needs of you and your baby as well as a practical tool for snack and meal ideas.

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