4As a doula and childbirth educator, I continually strive to get my clients evidence so they can make the best decisions for themselves and their babies. I truly believe in the autonomy of my clients and I work hard to create the space for them to use their voices.

Evidence Based Birth® is an excellent resource and because of the passion I have to help birthing families, I have been a member for several years now, becoming an EBB Instructor last year. When I heard that the founder, Rebecca Dekker, was writing a book about her journey to creating Evidence Based Birth®, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on it!

I’ve had the privilege of meeting Rebecca in person and have attended many of her online webinars. She is an authentic, caring person who also happens to be incredibly intelligent! Her thirst for research and ability to make complex studies understandable is something I benefit from daily and greatly appreciate. I do not think I could do my job effectively without Evidence Based Birth® at my side.

While I was reading this book, it felt as if Rebecca was sitting across from me at a coffee shop!

Babies Are Not Pizzas reads like a memoir, where Rebecca recounts her own birth stories as well as the birth stories of some of her friends. She talks about the lack of evidence based care she received and how she embarked on the search for the research behind routine maternity care. Rebecca faced many challenges as she also worked in the health care community as a nurse and university professor, and she opens up about her relationship with her husband and his incredible support for her on this journey. Her desire to empower families is very evident as she committed everything to starting EBB at the same time working along side others in the area of birth justice. I particularly love her commitment to the evidence, keeping her opinion quiet as she believes we all have the human right to be the decision maker in our own care.

This book was hard to put down and I was able to read it in only a couple days!

It is a great read for both parents and professionals. Whether you’ve had a baby or are expecting, if you’re a doctor, midwife, or doula, if you’re an administrator or a nursing student, Rebecca gives everyone some great ideas on how to have a positive impact on the birth community. She encourages those who have had trauma, or been the perpetrators of it, to seek healing, and she provides steps for getting your hands on Evidence Based Birth® resources , many of them she makes freely available.

I highly recommend this book as a first step in educating and empowering yourself about the birth world!


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