We were never meant to live this life alone.

We simply are not designed to go about our lives without companions, mentors, and students.

We need people in our lives that are in the same season of life or circumstances.

We need people who are ahead of us on the journey so that we can get advice when we’re lost and to be encouraged that we’ll make it through.

We need people who are behind us on the road so that we can share our experience and be the one who lifts others.

All these relationships are key to our health and well-being!

So how do I find these people?

Think about things you like to do and find groups that you can check out.

These might be exercise classes, hobby or craft groups or classes, book clubs, cooking or dance classes — there really are groups out there for everyone. These could be classes that you do with or without your kids. Or maybe some of both!

When your kids are involved in activities, think about reaching out to the other parents. If you’re all sitting there waiting for the class to finish, this is a good time to connect.

Consider reaching out to people you work with or who you go to church with — especially if they are older or younger than you (or ahead or behind you in the journey). Having people of different generations in our community gives us a new perspective on our own situations.

When you’re hanging out at public places, like the park or the library, consider not checking your phone and instead strike up a conversation. It’s likely that the mom sitting next to you is feeling a lot of the same emotions you are.

It may be challenging to get out of your comfort zone but you never know what might happen.

Any interaction has the potential to become an incredible friendship.

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