I recently spent some time with a couple of parents of young children. We were talking specifically about eating habits and the fact that one of their kids is quite a picky eater. I told them I could relate, as I had once had one of these “picky eaters” who would not even eat most of the “normal” kid foods. I encouraged them to continue to give food “opportunities,” but not to stress about each and every meal. If all they want to eat is the same thing over and over again, it’s actually OK.

My son had a very short list of things he would eat, but now he is a fully functioning adult with an adventurous food repertoire.

I came across this blog post and it captures well the guilt we feel as parents about creating those “bad habits” that will NEVER go away.

So give yourself the grace you need to make it through the night, day, week, month, whatever. She’s right —

if it’s working, keep doing it!

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