If you’re in the birth world, you of course know about April — and you may have been watching her 24/7 or you may be tired of seeing blog posts about her. If you’re not in the birth world, you may have no idea what I’m talking about.

For those who don’t know, April is a pregnant giraffe at the Animal Adventure Park in New York, and she has her own live feed. You can watch it here: April the Giraffe

Lots of people are anticipating the birth of her calf and many are using her story to talk about birth and highlight what it means to have a doula on their team. So, here’s my addition to April’s world.

If you’re pregnant, what can you learn from April?

  • She’s calm. She’s not wondering how to make this go faster, she’s not getting discouraged that she’s still pregnant. Be encouraged that your baby knows when it’s time to arrive.
  • She is eating and drinking. It’s important to keep your strength up and stay hydrated. Even in early labor, small meals and lots of water are a great idea.
  • She’s going about her day. She’s sticking close to home, but really doing what she would normally do. As you get close to your delivery date, and in early labor, it’s good to keep yourself distracted, going about your normal routine.

OK so what can we learn from April if we’re not the birthing person but part of the support team.

  • Her caregivers are providing for her needs. They are making sure she has the food and water she needs but also spending time connecting with her.
  • Her caregivers are not trying to figure out how to make the birth happen sooner. They are patiently waiting for her baby to let them know when it’s time.
  • The doctors are ready, as they keep her safe and comfortable while also leaving her alone so her body can do what it needs to do.

Whether you are pregnant, or on the support team, there is a lot of waiting, watching, and wondering — the same thing that is happening in April’s world. This can be really hard, especially in our country where we don’t do waiting — for anything, let alone something as exciting as a baby!

But we can learn from April, to live in the moment. When it’s time, she’ll be ready, her caregivers will be ready, and her baby will be ready.

Knowing that being patient is something you’re going to have to do often, it can’t hurt to start now!


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