Going on vacation is something that you look forward to all year. You decide on the time frame you want to be gone, you choose a place to go, you research hotels and book airfare, you find restaurants to eat at, and you plan excursions. All of these things are so that you can get the most out of your time away, creating memories through your experiences.

Well, you just had a baby and you likely won’t be heading on a vacation anytime soon.

But what if hiring a postpartum doula could make having a baby feel like a vacation?

OK stay with me for a second. What is one of the reasons that you go through all the preparations above? To connect with your family.

What if when you brought your baby home, you had someone to help you take care of meals and snacks, dishes and laundry, and all you had to do was take care of yourself and spend time getting to know your new baby? You may be fortunate to have friends and family there to help you with some of those tasks, but they may not be able to hang around for too long (or they may not be all that helpful as they may really just be there to hold the baby.)

Consider a postpartum doula who is professionally trained to serve you and your family.

When you decide to take a vacation, you spend time researching and planning, setting aside time and money, because you know that it is an investment in your family. What if you spent time planning and investing in your postpartum period?

You might find that the result is the same – connection with your family.

Meet with a postpartum doula before the baby is born and she can give you a picture of what your baby-cation can look like. You’ll talk about the tasks she might do each day, keeping in mind that flexibility is one of her strongest gifts.

In addition to household tasks a postpartum doula can also help you tackle some of the questions that can make going anywhere a bit easier.

What should I put in the diaper bag?

  • Diapers
  • Wipes
  • Extra outfits
  • Blanket
  • Burp clothes
  • Bottle
  • Snacks for you
  • Water for you
  • Pacifier

A pacifier???

Wait will a pacifier ruin my baby? (She’s also there to help you process some of the bigger questions.)

Sucking is a natural desire that most babies have, and while a pacifier should not be used as a substitute for a bottle or breast when they are hungry, it can be just the thing your baby needs to help calm himself.

And she’s there when the questions don’t have answers,

“why won’t she stop crying?”

and you just need to know you’re going to make it through the day.

Now we all know that having a baby isn’t going to feel like a week on the beach in Hawaii. But with a postpartum doula, you can get to the end of those first few weeks (or months) and feel connected to your new baby, having made memories and an investment in the foundation of your family.

Here’s to your baby-cation!

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