I recently came across a great article about attuning to your baby. It is an interesting look at the science behind how your baby communicates with you in the early weeks and months, and how you can learn to pay attention to her cues.

You can read the post here.

It’s a good reminder that while it’s important to meet her physical needs, her psychological development is also important (and starts right away). It may feel like you are just sitting there, but observing your infant is a good way to begin attuning to her.

Consider hiring a postpartum doula to help you gain confidence in identifying your baby’s rhythms and give you tools to interact with her. Your doula is also there to do household tasks, or let you get the rest you need, so that you are better able to spend the time needed to get to know your baby.

One thought on “Attuning To Your Baby

  1. Thanks for this important reminder, Julie! This skill doesn’t come naturally. It’s a learned, wise, patient skill that becomes an invaluable gift in parent-child relationships throughout the years; and one we need constant reminders to practice!


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