When your children are infants, the days can seem long and there can be seasons that seem to never end. But everyone who has gone through those days will tell you, they do go quickly, so every chance you can, engage with your children.

My son has always been a questioner. He loves to ask questions and loves even more to find out the answers. And then he wants to share that information.

Every. Single. Detail.

I loved hearing what he had to tell me, but there were times it was hard, because I had other things that needed to be done. Sometimes I would have to give him a time limit, but I tried to put him before the tasks. I knew that the tasks would always be there, but that someday he would be on the go and rarely home and someday would leave home altogether. I knew that when that day came, I would long for him to come and tell me what elephants eat, where they live, what their skin is like, how much they weigh, and so on. There would be a day when I would give anything to just sit and talk with him.

Engaging with him like this also encouraged him to be inquisitive and to seek out information. It created a life long desire to learn, and to share knowledge with others.

Don’t pass up a chance to engage with your child, because as much as I hate the cliché, these days are fleeting.

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