Ok, so this isn’t going to be a great story, just a short one about how I got started.

It was a summer day, and I was meeting a friend at a local coffee shop. She happened to be pregnant with her first child, and I happen to be at the “end” of my parenting season as my children would soon both be in college. She asked me what I was planning now that I would be an “empty-nester.” I mentioned to her how much I have enjoyed being a mother and how important I think it is that mothers are supported.

She said I should meet her doula.

I knew what a doula was – I had heard the term many years before.  The next day, I gave her doula a call to see if she would meet with me. Of course she was more than happy to. I also began researching doula organizations and figuring out what it would take to make this happen.

A few days later, I had a great meeting (at the same local coffee shop) with someone who would go on to become a good friend. She told me all about her story and answered so many of my questions, and by the time we were finished with our conversation, I was ready to jump in.

I decided to train with ProDoula. I was incredibly impressed with their standardized curriculum, their focus on business, the community of doulas, and their continuing support throughout the entire process. I signed up for a postpartum training coming to my area, and began reading the required book and essays. Shortly after that, I signed up for the labor training as well.

I now feel well trained and incredibly supported, and know that I am ready to serve every client that comes my way.


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