I believe childbirth to be one of the most amazing things that a couple can experience. That’s one of the main reasons I became a doula. But even if you are totally excited and can’t wait for it all to happen, you can still feel really scared. Even if it’s not your first time, you may need to be reminded why you’re going through this all over again!

I really like bellybelly.com.au as a resource, and I found an article that gives some good tips on things to focus on and remember when you are feeling anxious. Check it out (I of course love tip #2) and give me a call if you’re ready to add a doula to your birth team!


One thought on “Anxious About Childbirth

  1. Great tip! I love teaching families how important it is to recognize and reduce anxiety as they prepare for birth. It’s fun to show them how they can still feel excited and remain calm about their upcoming birth.

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