Attending a childbirth class is an important way to be better prepared for your upcoming labor and birth of your baby. Even if this is not your first baby, you may want to refresh your memory on some things. Classes are done in your home at your convenience.

Class Description Time
Planning Session Talk about communication between partners, create a birth plan and a postpartum plan, and decide what supplies to gather and pack.

Note: this is included in the Labor Support Package

2 Hours
Labor 101 Explore the anatomy of labor and birth and learn how your body and your baby work together. Cover all three stages of labor and what to expect during each stage, including coping techniques for each stage. 3 Hours
Pain Relief and Interventions Learn and practice non-medical pain relief options and positions to labor and birth in. Learn about medical pain relief, and the benefits and risks of common interventions. 3 Hours
Newborn Care and Postpartum Explore the first hour of birth. Practice basic infant care including bathing, feeding, diapering and soothing. Learn about what to expect during the first few weeks postpartum including what’s happening with your body and emotions. 2 Hours
Car Seat Safety Explore the importance of car seats and how they keep your baby safe. Learn how to choose the right car seat for your child and how to install it correctly.

Note: A certified CPST will check to make sure that your car seat is installed correctly. Add 30 minutes for each additional car seat.

1 Hour

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